January 4, 2020

How to survive in the financial market without the Yahoo Finance API: Alternatives

Almost since 2017, the fintech community has existed without a familiar service. Yahoo Finance API was a reliable intermediary in obtaining free data from financial markets. The convenient facility of downloading historical data on financial assets from Yahoo Finance to Python and other languages was used to support investors, analysts, financial application developers and startups.

Reasons for shutdown

The Yahoo Finance API has stopped working overnight. Perhaps the service redistributed the data in favor of the end user without notifying the real owners. It is obvious that exchanges could not put up with this state of things and presented a bill to Yahoo. Since then, the activity turned out to be financially unviable for Yahoo and the priority of business expediency has prevailed.
The service left the category of operation without prior notice. Numerous users began to search for a replacement. Fortunately, there are alternative APIs on the market that can provide first-class data from stocks, forex and digital assets.
The most popular services include Twelve Data, IEX Cloud API, AlphaVatage, Intrinio, and World Trading Data.


The comparative table of services is depicted below:
Twelve Data IEX Cloud API Alpha Vantage Intrinio World Trading Data
Real-time data Yes Partial / 15 min delay Yes Partial / depends on package Yes
Forex Yes / Over 1900 pairs Yes / 51 pairs Yes / 157 currencies Additional package cost Yes / 147 pairs
Cryptocurrencies Yes / Over 8900 pairs Yes / no support for exchanges / 590 pairs Yes / no support for exchanges / 536 currencies Partial / additional package cost No
Technical Indicators Yes / Over 110 indicators Only for stocks / 104 indicators Yes / 53 indicators Additional package cost No
WebSockets Yes Yes No No No


Obviously, Twelve Data has many advantages over its colleagues. The service provides both historical and real-time data on financial assets traded in the stock, digital and foreign exchange markets. This financial API offers quotes for a mass of assets, including cryptocurrencies as well as various technical indicators, representing calculations of quote movement that are used by traders and investors to monitor the market. Real-time data is delivered directly not only from stock exchanges, but also from more than 150 cryptocurrency exchanges. The list of cryptocurrency exchanges is replenished as new ones emerge.

Reliable choice

Integration of Twelve Data API to your product is flawless and does not require a huge amount of code refactoring. However, if you face any questions or difficulties our expert team will be glad to assist you. In this case, reach us at

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