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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Twelve Data API?

Twelve Data API is the only place needed to obtain financial market data. We provide both real-time and historical data covering Stocks, Forex and Cryptocurrencies. We use revolutionary algorithms based on AI to provide the best services and data quality across the industry.
You can begin using the Twelve Data API by instantly getting a free API Key.
Later, developers can refer to the API Documentation, and non-developer users can refer to the API Query Generator tool.

How can I use Twelve Data API with spreadsheets?

You may use our superior solutions for spreadsheets, to access the full features of the Twelve Data API from Excel.
Moreover, you may get all data in CSV format, by specifying the appropriate parameter in the API call.

I need to use larger API limits on requests. Do you provide larger volumes?

Sure. We can provide any volume to meet your needs, for that you may become a member of Twelve Data Prime.

How does AI and Deep Learning help us to get better data quality?

We use AI to get the most precise prices and volumes and make sure that no tick escapes. Furthermore, we use Deep Learning to spread the balances based on user request behaviour in order to make sure that every user gets the most reliable prices with low latency. Additionally, we use AI which was specifically and uniquely developed by us to to provide the best data quality. 

I would like to use an unrepresented technical indicator. How can I do this?

If you can’t find the necessary technical indicator in our API Documentation, you can drop us an email with your indicator and in a short period of time we will adopt it. 

We are an institution and would like to discuss special working conditions. Are you able to cooperate with us?

Yes, we work with institutions and understand that their technical requirements might differ to others. Please contact us at and our team will ensure that we are able to meet your needs. 

What extensions for preferred stocks do you use?

For preferred stocks we use dot delimiter. For example, Berkshire Hathaway Inc.(BRKB) has two type of stocks A class and B class. In our system it will be BRKB.A and BRKB.B. This format is also adopted by the largest stock exchange in the world which is the NYSE. 

Why do extensions for preferred stocks differ across exchanges?

Since there is no unique international standard, every exchange is able to use their own notations. Such notations can be: _p, _pa, _P, _PA, -p, etc..

Why the closing 1 minute price might differ to the 1 day closing price?

To update stock prices realtime, tick prices have to be used in order to ensure highest data quality. Some stocks with really big trading volumes can have different daily closing prices due to stock exchanges ineffectivness when they calculate the official stock closing for the day.

I have a piece of code that may help people. How can I contribute?

We always welcome new contributions. You can add it to our group in GitHub.

If you did not find answer to your question you can either drop us an email or visit API Key FAQ