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Our mission is to organize the world's financial data and make it universally accessible.

Twelve Data is a technology-driven company that provides financial market data, financial tools, and dedicated solutions. Large audiences - from individuals to financial institutions - use our products to stay ahead of the competition and success.

Our commitment to the future

At Twelve Data we feel responsible for where the markets are going and how people are able to explore them. Coming from different technological backgrounds, we see how the world is lacking the unique and simple place where financial data can be accessed by anyone, at any time. This is what distinguishes us from others, we do not only supply the financial data but instead, we want you to benefit from it, by using the convenient format, tools, and special solutions.

Complete data provider

We take the financial market data of the highest quality, add convenient formats and tools, with all running in cloud infrastructure - this is the recipe for any successful financial application.

Market data

Diversified data from all over the world across many asset types is at the heart of everything.

Tools & formats

Our circulatory system consists of various ways of how the data can be received and later used.


Everything above would not be possible to achieve without extensive, constantly improving, resistant cloud-based infrastructure.

One more thing

We believe that the human factor is still a very important aspect of our work and therefore our ethics guides us on how to treat people, with convenient and understandable resources.

World-class documentation

Comprehensive and at the same time very easy to understand documentation for each of our products, with examples and tutorials.

Human support

As a developer-centric company we realize that support should be available on the spot without limitations and delays, this is why irrespective of your plan - you will get an answer in under 48 hours.

Dedicated solutions

Every person, team, and business at some point might require help to make the next step. We are proud to share our expertise and knowledge to bring your project to the next level.

woman receiving technical support
Twelve Data leverages TradingView technology to present data on charts within the Markets. TradingView is a sophisticated charting platform designed for traders and investors, enabling us to deliver high-quality charts seamlessly across various devices, including browsers, tablets, and smartphones. Moreover, this technology empowers you to access charts for even the most uncommon and exotic instruments, such as Dow Futures, BTC USD, and more.