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For future professionals

Every individual has unlimited capacity and is capable of being the brightest leader of its generation. With our solutions for students, we help them to thrive in today’s world - and to shape tomorrow's. Twelve Data constantly creates new resources, based on our high-quality financial market data to make every minute spent by student - worth it.

college students working with financial data

Reliable ML databases

Ready to be used normalized and clean datasets.

Colleges & classroom

Give the access to real-time data for students, to be used within lessons.

Main features


Every student is given a personal API Key, that might be issued and revoked in a seconds.

Global data

Regardless of where your institution is located, we would be able to provide you data from the local exchanges, as well as from other countries and cross-assets instruments.

Ease of use

Use our APIs, WebSocket, SDKs, spreadsheets, or custom output formats to access the data.

Real time & historical

All of our data is available in real-time tick-by-tick streaming and on historical retrospective.


To simplify the above point, we provide extensive documentation with code examples to get started in minutes.


We can create any tool or curricula to create an exceptional learning experience.

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