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One one the most challenging things when working in the FinTech industry is to find the right balance between proficiency in technology and a deep understanding of financial markets. Our core team has a quantitive investment research and development background in the largest hedge funds in the US & Asia, therefore we know firsthand how to achieve the FinTech goals.
In addition to being the leading data providing platform, we help people and companies, build the products they deserve, using our knowledge and expertise, delivering success to our customers.

Our expertise


Creating HFT infrastructure, from high-performing computations to FPGA programming.


Automated trading software, alert programs, trade execution systems.


Risk assessment tools, including stress tests.


Various data manipulations and automation of the workflow for any spreadsheet.


Financial analysis desktop and mobile software, with comprehensive data visualization.


Implementation of algorithmic, high-frequency, and arbitrage strategies.


Solutions for AI and machine learning, with special emphasis on neural networks.


Tell us what your business needs and we will propose an optimal solution for any of your problems.