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Whether you’re analyst, researcher, or trader - timely access to the financial market data is crucial and creates the difference. On top of that are the tools that allow you to take full control of the situation and succeed in your area. We provide a broad range of solutions, with an opportunity to create custom for your needs.

  • Global equity markets, physical & digital currencies.
  • APIs, WebSocket, various SDKs, and spreadsheets.
  • Clear terms and no long term commitments.


We know what it is like to be the FinTech company that should stay ahead every single day, every single second.

We rely on performance and innovations, together with meeting regulatory requirements to ensure that your company has access to the highest quality data and at the same time costs remain financially prudent.

  • Financial data delivered in different formats.
  • Cross-asset data analytics.
  • Data management, using our cloud & server
cryptocurrency monitoring app

Financial institutions

Whether you work in retail, commercial, or internet banking, you need the
market and deals data, latest news to rule your decisions. Moreover, you need
convenient, fast, and powerful tools to stay gain a fair advantage.

financial institution building
  • Backend solutions & engines that are used by millions of users.
  • Frontend software that provides the maximum value to your customers.
  • Risk assessment, fraud detection, and other AI-powered tools.
  • Strategic research & algorithms implementation.

Public companies

Deliberate decisions, relevant insights, and timely two-way communication -
are the ingredients for a strong public company. We build the right stack of
solutions in conjunction with high-quality financial market data.

work on company competitive analysis
  • Digital management, including C-suite analysis.
  • Seamless control over employee stock programs.
  • Convenient tools for daily workflow, that provide outstanding investors
    experience and engagement.


office of fintech startup

Being an early-stage startup sometimes might feel uncertainties and fluctuations. To reduce that effect we are willing to provide you special packages and solutions if your product(-s) is intended to be used by the public.

To be eligible for the above privileges your startup should not have raised any external funding and have no monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

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