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Google Sheets Add-on

Codeless way to access financial data from Twelve Data

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Status: Released

Twelve Data Google Sheets Add-on

This add-on connects you to real-time and historical data and company fundamentals directly in the spreadsheet. Import the data with few clicks of the button, with intuitive functions that allow to access stocks, forex, cryptocurrency, ETFs, and indices data - no coding or scripting required. With this add-on, you can track the portfolio, perform research, compare companies’ performance, or get any other data, that would allow you to stay up to date with the most recent information. Stay tuned for more enhancements to the add-on!

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No manual data entry

Download historical or real-time data without a single line of code or manual input.

Automatic updates

Set the update period with just a few clicks and enjoy the automatic processes.

Technical Indicators

The largest list of available indicators, the best opportunity for ultimate technical analysis.

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Follow easy steps and start accessing high-quality financial data right now.

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