April 23, 2020

Twelve Data Excel Add-in Installation Guide for Windows

Installation is super fast and intuitive; it will take not more than 1 minute.


- Microsoft Windows 7 and higher
- Microsoft Excel 2007 and higher

The rest technical information will be automatically be detected and adjusted by the installer.


Go to Excel page and click the Download button. Alternatively, you may download it directly from this link.

Choose Open with Excel and click OK. Excel application will open.
Open with Excel
In the newly opened window click Enable Editing.
Enable Editing
Afterward, click the Enable Content button.
Enable Content
In the pop-up installer window, click Yes. Add-in will be installed now. Wait for a few seconds.
Do you want to install window
Voilà! The installation is completed, and now you can see the Twelve Data tab on the ribbon.
Installation completed
You might open your existing book or create a new one. We suggest reading Excel Add-in Documentation first, to get the sense of how things work.

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